Velkommen til Danmark!

After over 12 hours of travel, 8 time zones, and 4 countries, we made it to the beautiful country of Denmark! It’s hard to believe we’re actually here, and have already played a show on our YFC tour. It’s been a whirlwind, to say the least.

We arrived in Hamburg, Germany on Monday, Oct. 24, and were met by two people from YFC, Ebbe and Mathilde, who are on tour with us for the whole time. After our first European meal at Burger King, we had a very quiet three hour drive to Aarhus as none of us had really slept at all since Sunday morning. When we got to the YFC headquarters, we were greeted by a group of people our age who volunteer there, including Amy, who’s from Minnesota. All six of them live in a tiny little apartment right across the street from the YFC building. They’re a really fun and inspiring group of people. They made us an amazing dinner, and we spent the evening learning about Danish culture and and making friends.

The next day (yesterday), we got up fairly early, had a delicious Danish breakfast (the highlight for all of us was bread and butter with chocolate wafers) and then got to work packing the van! We were supposed to be the first band to use the new YFC van, but since they haven’t gotten it yet, we’re the last band to use the old one. It’s a special van, that’s for sure! But it’s home for the next few weeks. 🙂 We got all the gear sorted out and then headed to our first show!

We played in the town of Vaerloese, quite close to Copenhagen. It was about a 4 hour drive from Aarhus, probably the longest drive we’ll do on tour. We played at Vaerloese Kirke (Kirke means church) for their youth group. Being the first show of tour, it was pretty crazy just figuring out all the sound stuff, and using gear we’re not used to, but we got to talk with some of the kids, and it was overall a great night! Tonight we head to Frederikssund, only about 30 min away.

So we’re happy and healthy and having a great time. I’ve been taking some pictures, so I’ll try and get those up soon so you can see exactly what we’re up to! Thanks to all of you who are praying for us, we definitely appreciate it!




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