We’re going to Europe!

Grettings friends, family, and internet surfers. I hope you’ve been enjoying our sporadic writings and pictures from throughout the summer! I think I’ve been getting better at being more on top of my blog posts, but there’s always room for improvement. 🙂

So you probably all know that Zoltan and I have been touring a LOT this year, in fact that’s pretty much all we’ve been doing, besides recording a new album. We’re on a tour right now with a duo from Nashville called Handsome and Gretyl and so far it’s been awesome! If you read my last post, you’ll get the background of how we met up with them and it’s been really great touring with them so far. This tour finishes at the beginning of October, and then we have a few really cool things happening.

In the middle of October, we’ll be leaving for Europe! We’re doing a tour for three weeks with Youth For Christ, all throughout Denmark playing in boarding schools, churches and venues. We’re really excited for the opportunity to go to another country and play music, but also to do it a bit differently than we’re used to and to hang out with more youth.

But what I really wanted to tell you about is what we’re doing after that. We’ll be heading over to Czech Republic for a month to work with Next Level International in various towns in eastern Czech Republic. We’ll be starting our journey in Ostrava, and from there we will travel to six different towns and work with church planters in each of those towns for about five days each. Czech Republic is a beautiful country, full of history and culture, but also very spiritually dark. I was looking up a few facts on the World Factbook, and it tells me that Czech Republic is 27% Catholic, 2% Protestant, 12% Other, and 59% unaffiliated. People there need hope. NLI has been working in the region for a few years, and have seen some great things happening through the local churches, and we’re really excited to be apart of that.

I’ve always had a passion for missions and exploring other countries, and since we got married we’ve been waiting for an opportunity to open up for us to work with an organization somewhere in the world. In thinking about missions, we’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip that’s more than just a week or two, so we can really invest our time into what we’re doing and build relationships with the people we’re working with. The only thing about that is that it brings the cost up quite a bit. We thought we’d let you know what we’re doing and if you feel led to, be part of this with us. We are definitely looking for prayer partners as we start organizing the trip and getting ready to go, and of course as we travel and minister throughout the country. As well, if you feel led to, you are more than welcome to help support us financially. Touring doesn’t give us much opportunity to save money, but we know this is something we’re called to do so we’re stepping out in faith and believing that God will provide the way as we continue to work hard at what we’re doing. The amount for the trip is $3200 plus the cost of traveling to Czech Republic from Denmark and back (we will be flying out of Denmark), which works out to about $50 per day, per person, and it includes all the food, transportation, lodging etc.

If you would like to help support us financially, you can send cheques payable to NLI Canada to:

PO Box 21157
Maple Ridge, BC V2X 1P7

With a memo for Lauren and Zoltan. If you’re not able to send a cheque, you can pay with credit card by calling the Canadian office: 1 604 505 1205, also with a memo for Lauren and Zoltan. You can also send money electronically through paypal (you just won’t get a tax receipt from NLI) to zoltanfoxx(at)hotmail(dot)com. If these don’t work, send me an email at laurenszoges(at)gmail(dot)com and we can work something else out.

If you’d like to keep us in your prayers, here are a few specific things you can pray for:
– that all the logistical details would get sorted out without complications
– that we would know how to prepare for the trip practically and spiritually
– ease in communicating with the people of Czech despite the language barrier
– safety in traveling to, through, and from Europe
– health while we travel

I’d like to also say how much we appreciate the support everyone has given us as we’ve been travelling this past year, whether it be a place to stay, giving us food, buying CDs and t-shirts, coming to shows, or just keeping in touch with us while we’re away from friends and family. You are all such a blessing to us and it means so much to have friends and family all across the country that make us feel at home wherever we are.

Well, I guess that’s all for now! We’ll keep you updated with how things are moving along, and of course I’ll continue blogging while we’re on tour and sharing stories with you!

Much love to you all,
Lauren and Zoltan.



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