Folk in the Park

A few days ago, while we were in Halifax, we shot a little live video on a tall ship in the Halifax Harbour (still waiting for it to be finished, and once it is it’ll be up here!). Brett (Handsome) and Gretyl shot a little video after that in Point Pleasant Park and here are a few photos from that.


Brett and Gretyl warming up before filming. They were situated slightly precariously on a little cliff…but no one was harmed.


Zoltan was the honorary sound man for the shoot..making sure everything was coming in clear! Mike’s right in there getting his footage. They played through the song a few times and the second time through a jet flew by overhead. Haha. But we managed to get a perfect take near the end, which is great!


Forest floor.


Brett, multitasking with the guitar and percussion.


Gretyl, loving life!


And Zoltan, playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater on the iPhone…

So there you have it! We’re really excited to see how the videos turned out, but even if they don’t (which I’m sure they will) we had a blast hanging out in Halifax and making pretty music!

Until next time,



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