Once Upon A Time…

…there were two folk-pop bands that decided to go on a cross-Canada tour. These two bands, Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk, and Handsome and Gretyl started tour in Moncton, NB on August 19 and are working their way across the country until the beginning of October on a tour called…

Once Upon A Fairly Odd Tour!

Anyway, here are a few snapshots from the first week of tour! It’s been INCREDIBLE. We’ve had so much fun with Brett (Handsome) and Gretyl and at the shows and just enjoying the last few weeks of summer. But in saying that, we’re all very much looking forward to autumn.

So on the first day of tour we were driving around looking for this health food store that we had been given a gift card to, and we were at the old address of the store, but in an adjacent parking lot these guys were giving away free burgers! We thought there was a catch; some sort of fundraiser or something. But no, it was completely free! It was put on by a local church and they were just handing out free burgers and hot dogs!


We played in Truro, NS and got there in the early afternoon with plenty of time to kill before the show, so we went to a few thrift stores and wandered through the sleepy downtown area. After asking around about where the local “hot spots” were, we were pointed in the direction of Victoria Park, this glorious 1000 acre park in the middle of Truro with hiking trails, waterfalls, and lots of trees. This is the view from the “Observation Gallery” of a little waterfall and pool. It was very fairytale-like!


Next was Halifax, a city similar to Vancouver in that it’s a port city and it has that coastal feel, but very different at the same time, mostly because it’s a maritime city, and definitely has that east coast, laid back feel. We walked along the harbour and looked at the ships and had a good time.


And what stroll along the harbour is complete without a treat? We treated ourselves to a beavertail, which has a special place in my heart; when I was 12, my dad and brother and I went to New York, and on the way home we stopped in Winnipeg for dinner and we were given a beavertail by someone in Winnipeg!


We played a house show in Halifax at our friend Willie’s house, but before the show we needed to go get some food, but we didn’t want to leave and then people come early to the show, so we wrote them a little note!


The next day, before we left Halifax we filmed a little live video with our friend Mike (it’ll be posted in a week or so…we’ll let you know!). The coolest part was that we filmed the song, “Stow Me Away” on a tall ship in the Halifax harbour! It was really cool experience!


Setting up for the song.


Brett and Gretyl filming a song in a lovely little park in Halifax.


After filming a few videos, we drove to Miramichi, NB and played at the Miramichi Fellowship Centre. Pastor John and his wife let us stay at their cabin on the Miramichi River. What a piece of paradise! We relaxed for a little bit before the show.


And we played with Winter…he wasn’t the greatest at playing catch, but he sure loved running around!


These cute girls decided they wanted to be Odd Folk. They were quite taken by the bed in the back of the van and they couldn’t stop giggling when we let them sit on the bed.


Next stop…Quebec City! Still my favorite city in Canada to visit. It’s full of culture, music, history, fashion, music, and really nice people. We played at Fou Bar, and we weren’t expecting too many people to come, but it turned out to be an awesome night!

WHEW! That was a long one. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures. We’ll have more up soon, and when the videos of the songs are finished we’ll have those up as well!

Cheers, Lauren.


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