Coves and Cliffs (Day 3)

We decided to go on a little drive and explore the area around a town called Twillingate, which is the iceberg capital of the world! We didn’t end up seeing any icebergs (a little late in the season) but we had an amazing time. To get to Twillingate, you have to cross a number of causeways connecting New World Island, South Twillingate Island, and North Twillingate Island. It was really neat seeing all the tiny fishing communities on our way up, and wondering what it would be like to live up here before there were causeways connecting the islands.


Screen shot 2011-08-16 at 1.21.33 AM
This is our route up to Twillingate. You can see where in Newfoundland we were in relation to Gander and Grand Falls.


We got to a town called Crow Head, at the northern tip of North Twillingate Island, which is home to this giant lighthouse.



Surrounding the lighthouse are cliffs, meadows, coves and lots of hiking trails throughout. We found a trail and headed out, a little bit unprepared with no water or snacks or anything, but we figured the trails weren’t too far out, so it would be easy to get back to the parking lot if need be.

First stop was a pretty meadow on top of the cliffs overlooking the ocean.


We made it to Sleepy Cove, with a nice rocky beach and lots of shells and cool looking rocks. The tide was out, and there were plenty of rocks to climb, so we explored a little bit around the cove.

The beach.

This was a little pool that would have been filled during high tide. Zoltan climbed up the rocks surrounding it and found a cave at the top!


Zoltan continued to climb around the rocky point, and found some scree cliffs that he wanted to scramble up, but I, not having proper footwear and a bit more apprehensive of climbing cliffs right above the ocean, decided to walk back up the pathway and meet up at the top. As I was walking up the trail, I saw Zoltan near the top of the cliff, climbing up the steep rocks and I was glad I hadn’t seen what he was going to climb before. Gave me a bit of the scare…but of course he was fine, and kept wanting to find more things to climb.

The veiw from the top. Absolutely breathtaking. I could sit and just stare out to sea for hours on end.

After hiking for a couple hours, we made it back to the van and rewarded ourselves with homemade fudge for dinner! Just kidding. But we did have homemade fudge.



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