Deux Jour

On our second day of ocean-side bliss, we decided to do something that I like doing, but Zoltan had bad memories of from childhood: strawberry picking! There was a strawberry farm a few minutes down the road from the cottage and with u-pick season in full swing, we decided it would be fun (and delicious) to go pick some strawberries.

So anyway, Zoltan got mentally prepared for what was about to happen…

And then discovered that strawberry picking for two people is much easier than he thought! We had enough strawberries for the rest of the week in about 15 min, longer than it took us to drive through the farm to the u-pick field and walk to the end of the rows. I think this experience has redeemed the whole process of strawberry picking, so I’m excited to do more of that in the future.

Don’t they look delicious?

After picking two of those heaping baskets of strawberries, and snacking on almost equal to that, we stopped at a roadside seafood shack to try the famed lobster sandwiches. We almost didn’t get to though…we got attacked.




Our last outing for the day was the ruins of an old mill that we had driven by previously. I find ruined and abandoned buildings so mysterious and intriguing. I wish I could step back in time to see them in their original disposition and see what had happened there. They hold so many stories, and so much history.




After going for a little walk around the mill, we headed back to the cottage for some tuna noodle casserole and lots of strawberries. Tomorrow…the iceberg capital of the world!



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