Newfoundland. Day 1

There comes a time in everyone’s life when work has been long and hard, and a vacation is much needed. We got our week of vacation this past week, and spent it the very cultural and very unique land of Newfoundland. Every other time we’ve been in Newfoundland we’ve only driven from the west coast to the east coast, never leaving the Trans-Canada Highway. This time, however, after having a BLAST working for teen week at Circle Square Ranch, we decided to get off the well-traveled road and do a little bit of exploring, and this is what happened…

Our friend Chris from Calgary is from Newfoundland, and when he found out we were spending some time there, he said that his parents have a summer home that we might be able to use. He checked it out and it worked out that the cottage was free during our time off, so after CSR we headed to Comfort Cove, in central Newfoundland and spent three nights in this ocean-side paradise.

The view from the back porch.

On our first night, we wasted no time and went for a walk along the beach and inspected all the neat looking rocks and interesting sea creatures that were spread across the beach. We got to a rocky point, and of course, if there’s something to be climbed, Zoltan will climb it, so we climbed to the top, and what a view it was!

Little plants.

A crab shell…not too sure where Mr. Crab went…

The view from the top of the point.

The mister on a mission.

Later that night, we headed into the nearby town of Lewisporte to get some work done courtesy of McDonald’s free wifi! While we were there, we overheard some people talking about fireworks, and after doing some digging online, I found out that it was the last night of Lewisporte’s annual Mussel Bed Soiree, which included a fireworks show! So we snapped a few pictures of the show.



And that concluded our first day of vacation. More to come. 🙂



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