Calgary Folk Fest!

What a weekend! It’s all a bit of a blur, but I figured I should write a little bit about some of the highlights sooner than later. We arrived in Calgary on Wednesday at 2pm (after waking up at 5:30am in Sackville and catching a 7am flight!) and then had band practice with Aaron, Jon and Eric. It was really great to see all these guys again and get to play with them!

Thursday was another early morning and busy day. We played a song on Breakfast Television which was LOTS of fun, and then played a set on the C-Train! That evening we headed to the festival grounds and watched Joel Plaskett and City and Colour on mainstage. It was my first time seeing both of them, and they were awesome.

Friday, the rains came! Zoltan was handing out flyers and I was wandering around the fest and we ended up meeting in the merch tent, and then it started pouring. Zoltan thought that it would be a good idea to play some songs on the ukulele for all the people that were waiting the rain out, so he ran to the lock-up area, grabbed the uke, ran back, and subsequently got SOAKED! But we played some songs and people really enjoyed it, so it was all good. That evening I played a set in the hospitality tent for all the volunteers and artists while they ate dinner. It was really nice and laid back, albeit my hands were pretty chilly! When we got home after that I put on sweat pants, made some tea, and then we had one more practice with the band.

Saturday was an exciting day. We played our full concert at 11am on Stage 6 and it went really well, minus the part where they lost the piano! But we found one, and a sustain pedal to go along with it and we were all good.

Zoltan, Eric and Jon hanging out before the show (and probably being sarcastic).


Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk…here we go!


Hanging out with some old and new friends after the show, and of course having a good laugh.


Playing a workshop (my first like this ever) with New Country Rehab, Elvis Bossa Nova, and Hollow Brethren. They were all INCREDIBLE musicians and I was totally inspired and had so much fun!


Zoltan managing! Making sure everything is a-okay for our second workshop on Sunday morning.


Aaron and Dan discussing very important things.


Meeting with Laura of the Swamp Ward Orchestra to organize things for the workshop, and Zoltan has his “thinking” face on.


Stuck in a moment…

So there you have it. It was a really memorable weekend, and it was great to get a few behind-the-scenes shots (courtesy of my dad)! A few musical highlights from the weekend include a captivating performance of The Head and the Heart that got the packed stage moving and singing along, Coeur de Pirate‘s lovely piano pop on mainstage, which I’ve wanted to see for a long time, and of course Joel Plaskett and City and Colour. There were so many artists and bands that I got to see snippets of and even perform with in the workshops, and it was a huge honour. I am greatly inspired by you all!

And now…I wait at gate C39 at the Toronto airport for Zoltan to grab some dinner. C’est la vie!



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