If there was any doubt in my mind that summer wasn’t fully here, there is no doubt anymore! We are in the thick of it, or rather, the heat of it, complete with starry nights and late sunsets, and it is wonderful. Even though we don’t have air conditioning in the van, and driving anywhere has become a sweaty mess, I love it. I love summer.

We’ve covered a lot of ground this summer, in a very short amount of time, and since I got a little behind with my updates, it’s piling up and I have a lot to write about! We’ve been in Ontario for the past week or so, starting the Summer of Colour Eastern Canada tour in London, ON on July 4, followed by Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo, Owen Sound, Newmarket, Toronto, and then tonight in Guelph. Tonight we played at Synnema, a local venue, and it was a really enjoyable evening with lots of good music by the likes of Sarah Clark and Speed River Riot. A few other highlights from the past week of shows include, but are not limited to:

• veggie burgers at Craven Cottage in London (which we are going to try and replicate tomorrow)
• playing for the second time at My Dog Joe in Hamilton, and enjoying their DELISH paninis
• playing with The Elwins in Newmarket. I think I have to say, they’ve been my favorite band to play with live to date. Check ’em out. And download their EP for free HERE. 🙂
• a tour of the Sportsnet building courtesy of our friend Michael, who works there! It was really cool to see the inner workings of how sports television happens, and what made it even cooler was that the tour was after our Toronto show, so was at 1:30 am…so the building was a little sleepy and there weren’t too many people working, but we got to see lots of really cool gear and fancy studios. Pretty neat!

And tomorrow? Well..a day off of course! It’s hard to believe, but we actually do have a day off. And well-deserved, if I do say so myself. We’re spending the day in Toronto, going to the Ontario Science Centre with my mom-in-law and then making the aforementioned veggie burgers at her house. Sounds like the perfect day off to me. Maybe we’ll even take in a longboard or something while we’re at it, after all, summer won’t last forever.





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