We made it across the border with minimal delay, but it included a drug dog being set loose in the van! I’m pretty sure Tim and Jemma’s dreads made them think we had contraband substances, but little did they know that we are just a bunch of cool people that love Jesus and think drugs are lame. Haha.

So now we are in the United States, home of big highways, cheap gas, and a plethora of Arizona flavours. We played at Overflow Cafe in Minneapolis last night and got to see the Neighbor family, which was a pleasure, as always! After the show we drove 2 hours to a friend’s house in Mason City, Iowa, and today we finish the trek to Cornerstone! We’re going to make a stop in Cedar Rapids for an oil change and a Walmart trip to stock up on a few things for Cstone and then to the festival we go.

We won’t have internet access pretty much until we get back to Canada (July 4) so you can expect a barrage of pictures from the past little while!

For those of you who may be coming to Cornerstone or know people coming to Cornerstone, we’ll be playing on Saturday at 3:15! See you there!




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