Blazing Trails

I haven’t blogged in a few days, and for that I apologize!

After spending a few days out on the coast and having so much fun seeing friends and family, we embarked on a series of long drives. It went like this: Vancouver -> Kamloops, BC  ->  Prince George, BC  ->  Peace River, AB  ->  Edmonton, AB  ->  Saskatoon, SK  ->  Regina, SK  ->  today, in Yorkton, SK. This is the first night in about a week that I’ve had time to catch up on the blog, do some knitting, skype with one of my besties, and just generally relax, and I am LOVING it!

Here are a few highlights from the past string of shows!

Vancouver is always a pleasure. We played with the very talented Jordan Klassen and the lovely Jocelyn Price and ate delicious food at Cafe Deux Soleils. How could it be any better? After the show, we drove out to Chilliwack and stayed at my aunt and uncle’s house and it was very nice to see them!

Kamloops is a crazy town. We don’t really know many people there at all, but when Zoltan was doing publicity for the tour a while back, he organized an interview with the local paper and it ended up being front page of the entertainment section! So a bunch of people came because of that so we made lots of new friends, which was really neat.

Prince George is an hour away from Tim and Jemma’s hometown of Quesnel, so this was their show. Their parents and lots of their friends came out and we packed out the venue. It was such a fun night! This was my third time to PG so it was cool to see friends I’ve gotten to know over the last two times…people like Mauri, Jaimie, Ryan, The Delightful Gang, and everyone else who came and hung out.

After Prince George we had a super long drive to Peace River, AB. Long, but so beautiful! It was my first time to Peace River, and what a pretty city it is. We played at Java Domainn, the local coffee joint, and who would show up but the MAYOR, who’s name is LORNE MANN! How random is that! We got a picture together, and he got a “Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk” t-shirt, and gave us all Peace River pins. It was a very memorable evening.

Edmonton was next. We played at the Avenue Theatre and although the show wasn’t that big, we had lots of fun hanging out and meeting some people from the organization U22. They work with and promote artists under the age of 22 in Alberta, and they sponsored the show as part of Alberta Art Days.

Next came Saskatoon, which was a funny night. No one came to the show, so it was just us and the four or so people who were helping to put it on. We ended up having a sweet jam session for a while and then went for a nice longboard along the river in Saskatoon. The Jazz Festival was happening, so downtown was electric!

Regina was just a short drive from Saskatoon, which was a ready change, and it was also a really sweet show. Danny Goertz and Empire Choir played and were awesome. This show will go down in history as the one (and hopefully only) time we had McDonald’s on tour. Now that I think of it, it’s gross and I can’t believe I ever agreed to that as an post-show snack, but at the time, it hit the spot. Oh well…carpe diem.

And that brings us to today! We played an afternoon show at the 5th Ave Cup and Saucer in Yorkton, SK on their patio outside and got through two and a half sets (Reeves, us, Emily Kohlert) and then the rain came! So we had to get everything under cover and in the van ASAP. We did a pretty good job and suffered no damage! The rain stopped after a short period of time, and then we’ve just been hanging out since then! It’s really nice to have an evening off, except I do fear that it’s affecting our productivity. Zoltan’s been playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater on the iPhone ALL evening, except for when we had dinner. Mind you, he also booked this whole tour and did publicity, and is booking the fall tour, and basically tour managing, so I guess he deserves a break. 😉

Well folks, that was a long one! I’ll get some more pictures up soon too, but I thought a nice little summary of the past few days would be good since I haven’t been blogging a whole lot lately. BUT I have been MUCH more diligent on this tour as compared to the winter tour!

Anyway, love you all and miss you too.



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