It’s The Island Life For Me

The past few days have been a whirlwind! I guess tour as a whole is a bit of a whirlwind, the past few days maybe a little moreso. But it’s been awesome. We were on Vancouver Island (as you probably knew from the previous post on crab-catching) the past few days, and then yesterday played our last West Coast show in Vancouver. I think the Lower Mainland/Island is my favorite place to play…it’s so beautiful and I always get to see old friends and family.

So after we played in Nanaimo, we drove out to Port Alberni, and on the way we stopped at this amazing, fairy-tale forest called Cathedral Grove and went for a little nature walk through the giant trees. It was really fun! Here are some pictures!

Yes…we did go behind the Danger sign. And found a very nice trail that led to a little river, and there were no tourists! Win! And it wasn’t dangerous at all so don’t worry mom and dad! 🙂

Me and the mister!

It was quite wet, and these slugs were everywhere.

We considered living in this tree…maybe a bit too small though?

So there you have it. A little forest adventure.

Tonight we played at The Art We Are  in Kamloops, BC and had  really nice time! We had an article in the local paper and turns out it was front page of the entertainment section and a few people came out because of that, which was really cool! It’s sweet when we can see all the hard work pay off.

Well we have a bit of a drive tomorrow to Prince George, so I should probably hit the hay! Much love to all of you.




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