Florida thus far! We went to Circle B Bar Ranch just outside of Lakeland. It’s a conservation area with a huge variety of birds, butterflies, reptiles, flowers, and natural communities. The highlight is definitely the Alligator Alley trail that runs along Lake Hancock and has a huge population of alligators. We saw quite a few, some in the lake, some in the swamps, and Zoltan and Aaron even saw one on the pathway in front of us, but they scared it and it dove into the water before I saw it.

After a two hour hike through Circle B, we headed to Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic Ocean and visited the legendary Ron Jon’s surf shop. The sun was setting so we hit the beach for a little walk and then drove back to Lakeland.

A few days later, we took Aaron (our drummer, who flew down on his own dollar to record drums on the record) to a Tampa Bay Rays game at the Tropicana Field. I’m not really one for sports, but it’s always fun being at a game, especially when they win, and they did! And there was a home run and lots of stealing of bases, and a crazy hispanic man who kept yelling in Spanish and sweating profusely beside us, so it was lots of fun!

Aaron flies home tomorrow, so it’ll be back to the grind to get this record done in the next few weeks! Today we’ve been working on one song and filling it in with various instruments including a Melotron and trombone! Exciting! I can’t wait for you to hear the final product…I’m pretty pumped for it!

Until next time, cheers!

PS…just to rub it in for you calgary folk…it’s 90 degrees Farenheit here today. 🙂



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