This Journey.

Six months ago I embarked on one of the most incredible journeys of life…marriage. It was crazy going from a place of (almost) perfect contentment with being single, so falling helplessly in love with your soulmate, and then starting the lifelong adventure that is marriage.

It’s so many things. It’s an adventure, a learning process, a covenant. It’s joyful, frustrating, exciting, and full of love. It’s also a beautiful picture of God’s love for his bride, the church, and of God’s love for each of us.

I can’t believe how blessed I am to be on this journey with my love and my best friend. It’s pretty incredible. We dream together, we pray together, we hope, we cry, we love, we surprise each other, we have someone to give our love to, we have fun, we work through things, we live life together.

Anyway, just a few thoughts on this, our six-month anniversary.



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