Seasons Change

I love Ecclesiastes 3 where it talks about time and seasons and change. There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. Fall is one of those seasons that probably brings the most change with summer ending and fall bringing new schools, new jobs, new journeys.

Zoltan and I are in a new season for a few months. We finished our Vagabond Summer and have settled into quiet life at Circle Square Ranch in Severn Bridge, ON. We’ll be here until Christmas, Zoltan working on building projects and maintenance, as well as cooking for retreat groups, and myself helping in the office, and writing and working on songs for the upcoming record. We have a little house on property, nestled in the trees, and we regularly find frogs at our front door (and bugs on the floor…)

This summer was amazing…meeting so many people and seeing so many things. We’re currently booking a cross-Canada tour to start on January 28, which will go from BC all the way to Newfoundland, so we’ll get to see all the sweet people we met this summer.

But as for now, we rest and enjoy this season! And knit scarves. (I have recently begun to knit!)

As for you…don’t let the beauty autumn escape you, and may you find peace and rest and purpose this season.



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