I Left My Heart There, On The East Coast…

I’m sorry to all my west coast friends and family, but I have to say, the region of the Maritimes is getting up there in my books.

We got to the New Brunswick CSR on Tuesday night, just before dinner. What a beautiful property! They get the “Best” award for that, for sure! It’s nicely laid out with the western town at the top of a little hill, the hill and field below that, and then surrounding that are the barns, the bmx track, the wall, archery and a cute pond (with a covered bridge!) with canoes, and lots of frogs.

We were travel group leaders for the week, so we hung out with the Wranglers and took them to all their activities during the day. It was sweet to actually be part of the activities, as in pretty much all the past weeks we had been doing more background or support stuff. And we also got to get to know the kids, which was sweet.

We left after the rodeo on friday evening (Wranglers were the rodeo champs!) and drove to Fredericton and stayed with our friends there, who we had met on our way out to Newfoundland. It was awesome to see them again and chat for a bit.

Today (I’m finally caught up!) we drove from Fredericton to Quebec City and walked around Old Quebec City for a bit, where the Chateau Frontenac is and loads of history. I also had my first real poutine experience when Zoltan took me to Chez Ashton. Now we are on our way to Montreal. We’ll be hanging out there tomorrow and visiting Zoltan’s grandfather tomorrow evening.

Well, good night to all! See you in Montreal!



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