The Charm Of The Maritimes

Our time in PEI was marked by some rad moments and good times, as always. First we got to drive across Confederation Bridge, a 12km bridge that joins New Brunswick with PEI. It’s pretty incredible! By the time we got to the island, it was about dinner time so we found a little restaurant on the wharf in the sleepy town of Victoria called the Lobster Barn and ordered a lobster meal, of course! Now, when you order lobster, you get the entire lobster on your plate with the tools necessary to break it open and get the meat. His was all fine, and I was stoked on the adventure that his little sea creature brought us…that is until I took a good look at mr. lobster and saw his little lobster eyes and little lobster feet. At that point, I couldn’t really bring myself to touch it, let alone smash it open. It changes things when the entire animal is on your plate.

So we got through the claws and got a side of nachos to fill us up and decided that if we ever ordered lobster again, we would get it without the rest of the animal attached.

After that interesting experience, we drove to town of Cavendish, home of Anne of Green Gables! It was nearly dark by then, but we went to the Green Gables heritage sight anyway and took some pictures. We went to the beach too (I mean you can’t take Lauren to an ocean-side town and not let her stand by the ocean and listen to the waves and let the sea breeze blow over her!) and we watched the last few rays of light disappear into the horizon. It was so beautiful. The beach at that spot was more like a bunch of cliffs, so we stood at the top as he tide was coming in. There are few things that I love more than just sitting by the ocean. It is unbelievably peaceful.

Anyway, we drove to a campsite for the night and slept under the stars.

The next morning we were at a corner store buying bread and peanut butter or breakfast and we got talking to the store owner, a lady named Glenda. she invited us to church with her so we went to St. John’s Presbyterian Church in the town of Belfast. It was sweet! After church we headed to the ferry terminal to go back to the mainland and continue on our journey.

Next stop…the ROCK! 🙂



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