Greetings, Atlantic Canada!

So I’m going to say that Newfoundland is one of the most difficult places to get to. After driving to Fredericton from Boston on Friday morning, we decided to call the ferry terminal to inquire about getting some bunks for the overnight ferry. We found out that the ferry we had intended to take was full and they were booked solid until august 11! Apparently you need to book ferries in advance in this part of the country.

So needless to say, we were freaking out a bit. We found a little cafe in downtown Fredericton (beautiful city by the way…we will definitely be back!) and tried to sort things out. We called the ferry again to see if there were any cancellations…no luck…so we looked up flights, and found a seat sale, which would still be much more expensive than ferrying. Right before we booked the flights, we decided to call the ferry one more time. The ferry lady sounded so surprised as she told us that a spot just opened up! We were set!

After that hurdle, we needed to find a place to sleep for the night! We called all the nearby campgrounds but of course everything was full…thank you long weekend.

We heard music coming from a music store on the corner of the street, so we went there to kill time. Nothing like hanging out in the local music store when you have nowhere to go!

Anyway, we got talking to his kid named Peter who worked there. He was cool…he’s doing the Appalachian trail next spring! We hung out there for a while and then when we were leaving we mentioned that we didn’t have a place to stay. He said we would probably be able to crash at his house and gave us his home number! We kept that as a back up plan and tried to find a motel or something, but zoltan finally decided to called Peter’s house. His mom answered and was so welcoming, gave us directions and told us they had a pullout couch in the basement for us. We headed over there and visited with the McMath’s…an awesome family! It’s amazing how God puts people in your path an even how He will upset your plans so that something else happens that we would never have thought of, but it was His plan all along. It was a great experience.

So we slept well, had breakfast, and went on our way…next stop…PEI!



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