Here, There, Everywhere!

The past week has been a whirlwind of new places, faces, states, cities, and exciting adventures. We spent a few days in Ohio with Harley Hicks and the wonderful Hicks family, and then moved onto Ontario, stopping in Buffalo (for wings at the place where Buffalo wings were invented and for stocking up on Arizonas) and in Niagara Falls, and finally ending the day (last wednesday) at the Brantford CSR.

Because we’re here from a Wednesday to Wednesday, it mades the week a little strange. Last week I helped with the junior campers and day campers, taking them to activities, and playing in the playground and all that good stuff, and Zoltan did maintenance. We had Saturday afternoon off, so we drove to Mississauga to hang out with Zoltan’s dad, my father-in-law and his girlfriend Crystal! It was a wonderful evening. He made a delicious meal, and we had a nice time playing music and watching some videos of Zoltan as a kid! (What a cutie!)

Now we’re into another week of camp, doing the same thing as last week, day camp and maintenance. Zoltan’s also going to take some pictures this week, which will be sweet. And I believe we’ll get to help out with morning devotions and campfires.

And then, on Wednesday, it’s off to Newfoundland!!!



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