Late Night Rest Stops

It was 3:00 in the morning and we had crossed the border a few hours earlier. We were driving through the highly eventful state of North Dakota, trying to find a place to pull over and pitch our tent and get a few hours of sleep before driving the rest of the way to Chicago. We had found a few rest areas, but they had “No Camping” signs. Way to go rest stops. However, at one of the stops, they had a booklet of campgrounds in Minnesota, which we had crossed into at some point during the night), so we found one close by and headed there.

By the time we got our tent set up, it was 4am. We got into the sleeping bag and were asleep in a few minutes. It was at that moment right before I fell asleep that I realized I was truly living the vagabond life, traipsing across North America with my best friend and husband. I love the adventure, especially when it includes sleeping outside, beneath a tree, under an ocean of stars. The best summer nights are made of those.



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