Oh Saskatchewan. There’s not much to say about you…except that your skies are beautiful and your mosquitoes are plentiful!

We are working at the Wolf Creek Circle Square Ranch this week which is just south of Wolseley, SK. Don’t worry if you have no idea where that is…it’s in the middle of nowhere! (But just over an hour east of Regina). I’m leading campfire and staff devotions and doing housekeeping all week, and Zoltan is on maintenance. We’re enjoying getting to know our Saskatchewan friends and hanging out with some sweet kids and even dressing up like pirates!

So, you may not have known where the heck Wolseley is, but here’s a fun fact about this seemingly insignificant town in the middle of the flattest province in Canada. Well, two fun facts. It has a drive-in theatre called the Starlight Theatre, and an opera house! Talk about a town with class! It’s actually a very cultured town, with a thriving arts scene! I’m not even kidding. The downtown art gallery is a hub for artisans, photographers and writers.

Anyway, it’s time for me to go sing some silly songs around the campfire with my ukulele!




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