The Shed.

They built a new pool shed here at Halkirk this spring so Sheldon gave Lauren and I the task of completely destroying the old shed.  It was two solid days worth of work, but we pulled it down the first day, and cleared it all away the second day.  I’ll tell you something Lauren is more then just a pretty face and angelic voice, she has got some serious muscles as well!!

The second picture is kind of funny, After double checking with Sheldon that I should cut ALL the pipes in the shed, and getting the A-O-K, I started taking a Saws-all to everything I could see, next thing you know water is shooting out everywhere.  Turns out there was one pipe I was not suppose to cut, but he forgot to tell me.  It was not big deal though, just shut off the water, put a new fitting on the end of the pipe and it was all good.

Today is our last day at Halkrik, tomorrow is rodeo, staff meeting, and then we take off for Saskatchewan.  Everyone here has been so amazing to us, it’s been great to get to start this journey somewhere where we know some people, and surrounded by friends.  Next week we will be complete strangers to everyone, so it should be interesting to see how that goes.

Also a funny side note, last time Lauren and I were here at the Halkirk ranch it was the day before we started dating, so you can imagine some staff here were a little confused when we showed up married! haha.. good times..

Well sorry this blog was not as eloquently worded, Lauren is taking a nap right now so I had to type this up!

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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