Painting Trailer Homes in a Heat Wave.

Yesterday we bid farewell to the bustling metropolis of Rocky Mountain House and our friends at Pioneer Ranch, and made our way to our the first destination of our summer adventure: the even more bustling metropolis of Halkirk, AB. In reality, Halkirk is officially a village with a startling 113 residents. According to Wikipedia, Halkirk is known for it’s annual bull-a-rama after which everyone goes to the newly-built beer gardens. Sounds like the place EVERYONE wants to be at. SIKE! 😉

Anyway, now that you have some fun facts about small town Alberta, I will continue with the story of our journey thus far. We stopped in Red Deer on our way to the ranch and dropped off our homely belongings in the basement of one of Zoltan’s friends’ houses.

From there we drove the rest of the way through the Central Albertan countryside (which, by the way, is absolutely beautiful in the summer) and landed at Circle Square Ranch.

The Ranch itself is located on the top of a coulee, which is a kind of narrow valley with steep walls. Maybe even more like a canyon, but with less rock and more greenery. There’s the main Western Town, Tee Pee Village for the youngsters, and the barns, a rodeo area, a siiiiick skatepark, gym, pool and playing fields. Basically every kid’s summer dream!

Our first task, after a 7:30am staff meeting (I got to play some worship songs to start the day off) was to work on a trailer home on the property that is in desperate need of repairs. We started with the roof, putting this sticky tar-like substance over leaky areas, and painting a sealant. Then we painted the siding a nice brown colour. After a little blog break and a cool down (it’s about 27 today) we’re going to work inside and get it liveable so we can stay there for the week!

Well that’s the latest. Have a good one, folks!

Peace and love.



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