bridges and sunsets.

It seems there has been a theme of railroads and bridges in my life as of late. On my way to Saskatchewan with Jaimee, we stopped at the side of the highway to take some pictures on the railroad tracks as the sun was continuing its journey beyond the horizon of the endless Saskatchewan landscape.

The following day, Kaitie took me to the train bridge in downtown Saskatoon. It’s quite the bridge. Obviously, there are train tracks, but there is also a narrow walkway beside the tracks. The bridge is still in use, and Kaitie said it’s pretty scary when the trains come whizzing past.

I was thinking about train tracks and bridges and whether there’s something significant about them that would pertain to my life right now.

I’m probably just over analyzing, but sometimes it’s good to look at things a little deeper.

Standing on railroad tracks or on a bridge, standing in between two places, two destinations.

In suspension.

It’s a waiting time, waiting and anticipating the arrival of something marvelous. But along the way, there are beautiful landscapes and sunrises and sunsets.

It’s tempting to get so excited about the destination in front of us, or even distracted by where we came from, that we miss the seemingly insignificant moments of the journey we are on. In those moments where we pause to appreciate the little things, we grow and become even more prepared for the destination awaiting us.

At one point on the drive home, the sun was starting to set. It was still relatively high in the sky, but it got that golden glow that it does around 4:00 in the afternoon. I remember driving down this straight, flat road, looking across a field scattered with hay bales. There was the most beautiful foggy glow reflecting the entire field.

It was one of those moments that will always be in my mind. One of those moments on the journey, in between two places of significance, but entirely significant in itself.

It was a glorious moment.



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