Seemingly Insignificant

“Don’t succumb to the lie that everything you create must be extravagant or astonishing. Remember that there is brilliance in the basic.” –Joshua Longbrake

In our efforts to create a beautiful piece of art, whether it be written, drawn, sung, played, cooked, acted out, any form of art, I find that we often look to the significant experiences to inspire us. I tend to overlook the situations that may seem small or insignificant, but that many times prove to provide more wisdom than anything else. It’s these seemingly insignificant experiences where we have the chance to learn more about ourselves and impact the world around us. From these can we draw inspiration and create the most profound, yet often the most simple forms of art.

I’m learning to embrace these experiences and opportunities. You can enter into that expression on my flickr page…

Embrace the seemingly insignificant. It will change you.



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