the paradox of the sky.

The sky is so mysterious. It’s like a wall above us that we can’t get away from. We can try and penetrate it by flying planes and spaceships further and further into it, and yet it’s still there, beckoning us with it’s endlessness. It’s so empty, yet at the same time, so full. I was looking into the cloudless sky this afternoon and it was just a sea of blue, going on forever. At the same time, it looks like there’s nothing there, but still so full of blue. And this, this is the paradox of the sky.

I can’t help but wonder why we have paradoxes. Is it supposed to lead us to think deeper about things? Some religions believe that when you have a moment wehre you discover the answer to a paradox of life you gain enlightenment. So are these profound mysteries intended us to lead us closer to God? We will never know their true intent, but if you take it deep enough, I’m sure it could lead you to a revelation of God. God is so huge and so infinite, in one dimension, yet also so loving and intimate. That is a paradox right there. Maybe, just maybe, paradoxes are there to help us better understand the God we serve, to understand the ultimate divine paradox.

I think paradoxes are also meant to help us understand the complexities of life itself. So how does this mystery of the sky relate to life? Well, when you just glance at the sky, particularly the night sky, it seems pretty empty. Not much going on, it’s just there. However, when you wait longer and look closely, little flecks of light begin to appear all over the sky. And of course there’s the moon, the heart of the matter.

This might not apply to everyone’s view of their world, but for me, when I generally look at my life, I don’t notice anything significant. I know my life has meaning, but it’s not too out of the ordinary. But as I continue to go through life, I have moments, each one seperate and significant in their own way, but when you look at them together, they tell a beautiful story that is my life, much like the stars, each in a way isolated, but together they create a beautiful masterpiece in the night sky. I think if people looked at their lives that way, as a masterpiece, then maybe they would appreciate themselves and their lives more. It’s so important to place value on even the seemingly insignificant moments we find ourselves in. They are chapters in our story, stars in our sky. Life is such a marvelous gift and it should be valued at much more that it is in the minds of people today.



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