on [beauty]

How many people see the beauty of God’s creation every day, yet don’t even realize that it’s Him? Especially in the city, with pressures of society and city lights that blind us from the true beauty around us, we forget that God creatively paints every moment, ever shape, every colour of the huge prairie sky that I often don’t apprectiate. The sky tells the story of eternity. It beckons us closer to something supernatural, something spiritual. But we’re too busy looking down at our problems and issues that we think are important. If all of those things that make us feel as though we have fulfilled lives, if they were all taken away, what would we be left with? The sky, the mountains. Each other. God. Those are the things we should be concerning ourselves with.

This past week, I was driving on highway 1 through the mountains on my way home to Calgary. We just happened to be passing through a lush mountain valley right about the time when the sun begins to at times, be hidden behind the mountains, and in some places illuminating the valley below it. When we were at such a point in the road, the sun shone across the valeey, turning it from an evening green to a rich golden display. At that moment, I had nothing clouding my mind, no worries or preoccupations. All I was thinking about was the road below me and this awesome display of beauty. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the valley was right in that moment.

I believe that nature, in all it’s glory, gives us a glimpse of the majesty of God. If this moment in time in the BC rockies was just a glimpse of God’s beauty, I can’t even comprehend the full glory of who He is. I’m filled with such an awe when I think that a God who is constantly creating moments of beauty, each one a reflection of His own, has a plan just as beautiful and promising for my life. Just thinking of that prompts me to surrender all to my God, who is above the wanderings of my mind, above the worries of my heart.

Any time I get caught up in the meaningless things around me, all I need to do is look up at the sky. Always there, yet constantly being moulded into a new creation. What an amazing God!



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