As I have been on this journey, discovering the deeper places of my heart and those things which I live for, I have been asking questions, learning and moving forward. Am I living for myself? Or am I living for something or someone greater than the material wealth that constantly bombards me? I’ve been learning that the key to living for all things eternal, living for things that will last beyond this short period of life, is to look away from myself to those around me, those who might otherwise get overlooked. Those who don’t have it all together (that would be pretty much everyone), those who are desperate for God to show up in their lives and give them purpose and a destiny to hold onto.

Less is more. I don’t need monetary and material wealth to survive. It may even be hindering me from living a more fulfilling life. I’m not suggesting that I sell all my worldly poseessions, however I merely want to do away with the obsession of gain that seems to have corrupted Western society. It helps that I am currently not in a place of abundance of wealth.

So, I’m simplifying. No, I’m not going to start living out of my (rather handy) backpack, and no, I don’t expect a shift in lifestyle such as this to happen overnight. But I do want to be content and fulfilled and I truly think that comes with less clutter, meaning less distraction and more ability to focus on important things. And as God continues to bless, as he always does, I pray that my heart would be in the right place to use his blessings for the expansion of the kingdom.



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